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Space, oh vast space, all around us and yet a beguiling mystery. Deep dark stream of never ending bewilderment. From the humongous landmasses orbiting and circling the almighty stars, to the speculation of life forms beyond our own. What lies beyond this mist of darkness and dust, the possibilities are endless, the ideal opportunity for analytical heads to meander around in.

After two years, IIITG is back with its Techfest, Entropy. Full of exciting events and drills, the lineup is gonna leave you intrigued. So come, put on your space suits and dive into the endless abyss with us!


Valo Jods

In the cosmos of Ryenas, crush the jods of gaming and ace your way to triumph!

Code-Thrill 5.0

Does your algo have what it takes? Well, think again; ‘cause your rival is willing to lock horns with you!

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Thanking the generous souls that made this celebration of the supernova possible. Click here to learn more about our sponsors.

Teams .

Behind every good fest, there’s an equally great team working hard to bring their visions into fruition. Click here to learn about the individuals that orchestrated the astral tones of the event

Gallery .

Some memories and moments carved out in pixelated dimensions.